Pest Control The Woodlands, TX

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Pest Control The Woodlands, TX

Call: (281) 699-9469

Our Mission

It is our mission to keep you safe while providing you with effective pest control solutions. We are confident that our pest control procedures are both safe and effective. With the extensive knowledge of our technicians, combined with the science of insects, we can treat homes effectively in a safe way without sacrificing quality. We are aware that no two homes are the same. This means that you don’t need some cookie-cutter service! A pest control service plan that is customized to the needs of your specific home and situation is exactly what you need. When you choose Solve Pest Control, customization is exactly what you get! Each time our technicians come to your home, they will service your property according to your concerns and the needs found during the inspection. So that you are provided with the highest quality pest control services, our technicians will follow up after your initial visit to ensure that everything looks good.

Our 5 Step Process

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Why Choose Solve Pest Control in The Woodlands, TX?

Winters in The Woodlands, TX, are mild, and temperatures rarely drop below 40 degrees. From spring through summer, temperatures climb well above 90 degrees. This climate creates the perfect habitat for many common pests to flourish year-round.

When unwelcome pests make themselves at home on your property, they will stay until a professional pest control service stops their reproductive cycles, exterminates adults and offspring, and prevents them from returning. Solve Pest Pros specializes in administering the following treatments:

  • Wasp and spider extermination
  • Bed bug treatment
  • Rodent control
  • Termite extermination
  • Cockroach management
  • And more!

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At Solve Pest Control, we can provide treatments and removals for all of the pests listed below, plus many more! We want to help get rid of any little nasties that may be causing trouble in your home. Live your best life, not a pest life!

Causing damage to your home and causing a fright, eliminate mice immediately upon discovery!
wolf spider
We exterminate a plethora of spider species.
Termites don’t just come in ones and twos; they come by the hundreds.
Making a home inside of yours, ants travel in large colonies.
Keep wasps out of your outdoor fun with safe and effective elimination.
Year-round, moles harm the root systems of garden plants and grass.
Hiding in mattresses, pillows, and sofa cushions... Take back your space today!
This 30-legged nasty pest is attracted to water sources.

Unique Pest Control Plans Tailored to You

We believe in hitting all pest control problems head-on. The way we do this is by creating pest control plans that are specifically tailored to the needs of your unique property. No two homes are exactly the same. When we come to service your home, we will inspect your property to ensure that we provide you with the exact services you need - no more, no less.

Pest Control in The Woodlands, TX

Every property is different. Therefore, every property owner deserves a customized approach to pest control solutions. At Solve Pest Pros, our team of exterminators has a mission to supply safe, effective pest control in The Woodlands, TX, by:

  • Customizing treatment plans to fit your property’s needs
  • Using formulas that won’t harm your children or pets
  • Taking proactive approaches to ensure your home or business stays pest-free

Experience how a skilled exterminator can change your property for the better with Solve Pest Control in The Woodlands TX.

Reputable Treatments

Our treatments target these and a myriad of other pests that wreak havoc on homes and businesses. We understand each critter’s life cycle and reproduction habits. Therefore, we have treatment down to a science. Protect your property with our proactive approaches.

Reliable Exterminator Services

By choosing Solve Pest Pros, you select reliable year-round protection. Plus, you can also request spot treatments should pests remain active between regular services.


Service Year-Round

When you choose Solve Pest Control to take care of your pesty situations, we will be ready and available for you at all times throughout the year. In addition to the regular services we provide, we will happily come to take care of any additional problems that may arise between regular servicing.


Our Pest Control Services

As an exterminator in The Woodlands, TX, we are experts in a diverse range of pests. Our team understands how these critters can harm a household in the blink of an eye. Some of the services we offer include:/p>

  • Rodents: At first glance, moles, rats, and mice may look cute, but they can destroy your home, yard, and health.
  • Termites: A healthy termite colony only needs a year or two to demolish pertinent support beams in a building.
  • Ants: Species like fire ants are invasive and aggressive, biting any living thing that gets too close to their hills.
  • Centipedes: An adult centipede can deliver a nasty bite to an unsuspecting victim.
  • Cockroaches: Female cockroaches lay egg cases containing up to 40 eggs, making them difficult to manage without pest control in The Woodlands, TX.
  • Mosquitoes: Female mosquitoes can expose victims to various lethal viruses via their bites.
  • Bed bugs: You may not notice bed bugs at first, but strange bug bites and rashes are a giveaway of their presence.

How We Tailor Plans to Your Needs

At Solve Pest Pros, we provide pest control in The Woodlands TX based on each client's needs. Although we often follow a uniform process, the approach only serves as a guideline. We can adjust the service depending on the pests your property houses.

Each service begins with an all-points inspection. Your exterminator in The Woodlands, TX will check frequently forgotten or neglected areas for signs of entry or nesting. Once they find evidence of pests, they’ll work with you to develop a strategy that fits your property.

Bed Bug Treatment

A homeowner can easily miss a bed bug infestation. These tiny insects roost in bed frames, wall hangings, mattresses, and other hidden areas. Their secretive nature makes them difficult to eliminate without professional assistance.

Termite Treatment

Termites eat wood and other materials. Although these ant-like insects might seem innocuous, you can’t underestimate their strength in numbers. A colony can destroy a building within a couple of years.

Rodent Extermination

Mice, rats, and other fuzzy critters may attempt to share your home. They’ll venture into your kitchen to acquire food and chew through electrical wires to improve their infrastructure. A colony of mice can increase your risks of disease and fire hazards, which is why you need appropriate rodent control in The Woodlands, TX.

Why Residents of The Woodlands Choose Us

The Woodlands, TX, is a beautiful, bustling community filled with activities and attractions to keep residents on the move. The Woodlands Children’s Museum offers an action-packed day for people of all ages. Stop by The Woodlands Farmers’ Market for rare snacks and locally grown groceries.

The Woodlands, TX, is a beautiful, bustling community filled with activities and attractions to keep residents on the move. The Woodlands Children’s Museum offers an action-packed day for people of all ages. Stop by The Woodlands Farmers’ Market for rare snacks and locally grown groceries.

Solve Pest Pros offers easily accessible pest control in The Woodlands, TX. Call us at (281) 699-9469 to schedule a service or request a quote from our team.

More About Our Work

When you hire the professionals at Solve Pest Control to take care of your pest problems, there are a few things you can expect that go above and beyond your regular pest control expectations. First, our technicians speak to each customer personally when they come to treat your property. They listen to your concerns and answer your questions. Second, Solve Pest Control technicians are incredibly knowledgeable. They understand the ins and outs of all local pests. Go ahead! Ask them any questions you may have!

Quality Services

We offer nothing but the highest quality pest control services at Solve Pest Control. We are here to help year round. Whenever you need us, give us a call, and we will be there to eliminate pests so you can take back your space! Be in control with Solve Pest Control.

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