Fun Facts About Common Pests

At Solve Pest Pros, we know how annoying pests in your home can be. These creepy crawlers can give us a lot of grief and discomfort when they find their way into what should be our safe space. But we’ve got to give credit where credit is due because some common pests are incredibly interesting! Here are some surprising facts about some of the pests that bug you:


Silverfish are those creepy little guys that you usually find in your bathroom. They look like they could be the relative of something prehistoric, and that might be because they are! Silverfish are known for being one of the most ancient pests in history. Researchers say that silverfish likely predate dinosaurs! They got their name from their fish-like movements. Silverfish are fast, and they move by whipping their body around like a fish.


Did you know that only female mosquitoes are known for biting? The females are the powerhouse of the mosquito population. While we assume that all mosquitoes are feeding on our blood, it’s the females that do because they use it for reproducing. Female mosquitoes can lay up to 300 eggs in a night! Male mosquitoes are more passive and concern themselves with eating nectar and they do not transmit any diseases or viruses.


Termites have incredible digestive systems. They have microorganisms living inside their gut that helps them digest the wood fibers that they feast on. We’ve seen termites and how small their bodies are, so it’s hard to imagine how tiny these microorganisms must be! Additionally, queen termites are pretty amazing. They’re much larger than the workers, growing up to three inches long and can be as big around as a straw!


There are around 40,000 different known spider species! That’s a lot of different species, but the one thing that each species has in common is the ability to spin silk. Evolution has given some species the tools to spin different types of silks, but all of them have the potential to spin at least one kind. They use this silk to create webs or catch their prey.


Wasps can be found all over the world except for Antarctica and a few islands. Their nests look like paper and only have one entrance. Wasps are known for being aggressive, but the reality is that they are wildly protective. The female wasps are the only ones that can sting because the stinger is a part of the female sex organ, but men can still bite and show aggression when they feel threatened.


Moles are interesting little critters. They’re one of the cuter-looking pests, but they’ll surely destroy your yard. They have curved paws that allow them to dig quickly and efficiently like a shovel would. Their eyes are tiny and covered in fur, which makes seeing hard to do. Moles rely on their other senses, like smell, to find food and navigate.

While these pests are pretty cool, it’s important to remember that they are still pests. They can cause damage to your home if not treated properly, so remember to call Solve Pest Pros for all of your pest control needs!

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