How to Keep Ants Out of Your Home

Ants invading your kitchen? We know the feeling. Nothing ruins a meal quite like finding ants crawling around on your countertops and dishes. While ants are not usually harmful, they certainly are annoying. And even when you think you have taken care of them, they somehow always seem to come back. Take it from the experts at Solve Pest Pros, when it comes to ants, there are some incredibly easy habits to keep ants from feasting in your kitchen.

1. Start with the floors. Make sure that after cooking or eating, you do a quick sweep or vacuum of the floors. Ants are talented when it comes to finding even the smallest morsels of food. Remember, a crumb is much larger to an ant than it is to us.

2. Take out the trash. Trash cans are far too often a target of ants. An ant colony could invade at any minute, so long as your trash can stays full. Having a trash can with a lid is always a good idea for several reasons, but it definitely helps to keep any sort of insects out of your bins. Keeping your trash contained and taking it out often means there is less chance for ants to find much luck with food in your house.

3. Careful with the pet food. If you have pets, it can be much more challenging to keep ants at bay. Kitchen ants love to take any opportunity they can to get their hands on food, and they don’t discriminate when it comes to dog or cat food. Consistently cleaning your pet’s food bowl after they have eaten can protect your home from unwanted ants.

4. Wash your dishes. Dirty dishes attract ants in no time. If you already have an ant problem, or you are hoping to keep ants away, washing your dishes right after using them can help massively. Just like cleaning pet food bowls, ants are not likely to be drawn to your kitchen if every surface is clean of food.

5. Is your food sealed? Simple, yet important steps are often forgotten when it comes to sealing our food. Storing boxes of cereal in your pantry may seem harmless, but transferring that cereal into a sealed bag could be the difference between ants and no ants in your kitchen.

But how can I get rid of them safely?

While these tips are certainly helpful in prevention, if you already have an ant problem, you may need something bigger. Here’s how to get rid of ants in the kitchen:

Black or Red Pepper. Insects in general do not seem to like the smell of pepper. Sprinkling small amounts near baseboards or corners of your kitchen will send the ants packing. No messy cleanup of ant bodies for you.

White Vinegar Spray. This option does involve you actually having to clean up the ants, but the benefit is that it will kill them without you having to handle any chemicals. White vinegar will not only kill them, but the scent that remains will continue to deter them.

Call a professional. At Solve Pest Pros, we can easily clean up your ant mess. We are a trusted pest control company with expertly trained technicians who have no trouble with taking care of your ant problems. Calling in the experts means you don’t have to do the dirty work. Our job is to leave your home pest-free, and allow you to leave your ant worries at the door. By calling Solve Pest Pros, you can schedule an appointment and solve all your pest control needs. It is our pleasure to restore peace back to your home.

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